Queen Wool Luxury Mattress and Base


Wool Luxury Mattress & Base – 15Yr

Mattress & Base


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Wool Luxury Mattress & Base – 15Yr

Mattress & Base

Single Р$699

King Single – $949

Double – $959

King – $1599

Mattress Only

Single – $529

King Single – $729

Double – $749

Queen – $839

King – $1245


Spring System: The spring unit is a five turn bonnell spring system, made from premium heat tempered steel providing the correct support required.

Side Edge Support: This support system helps protect and prolong the edge of the mattress from collapsing. The wool luxury model has additional edge support springs compared to other mattresses. By strngthening the border wires, optimum edge firmness is achieved as well as increasing the total sleeping surface.

Zoned Centre: A high strength material placed in the centre third of the spring unit, providing an extra firm degree of support for the heaviest part of your body.

Blanketing/Sheildguard: To protect the upper foam and materials against coil damage, heavy duty polyester blanketing is placed onto spring system. This also helps distribute the weight of the body over the entire spring unit, – not just in the lying position area. The sheild guard is located in between the blanket, providing body support and anti-sagging protection.

Foams: Three layers of foam comprising of a dual layer of high grade high density foam and a layer of premium 35mm, MA24-120 grade convoluted foam added for extra softness and comfort. Foams are treated with Ultra-Fresh TM to inhibit the growth of bacteria, mould and mildew and provide effective control of dust mites. Treated foams tend to have a longer life than untreated foams.

Quilting: Beautiful soft knitted 4 way stretch fabric quilted with a thick layer of premium 300gm. Wool and health-guard TM treated super soft 24mm 25-60 grade low recovery foam. Wool performs as an excellent insulater, keeping you warmer and cooler in summer.

*Please Note.. Outer Fabric may vary to one pictured